Controlled Demolition – Structural, Commercial & Industrial Demolition Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle and Wollongong

If the refurbishment is governmental, educational, commercial or industrial – Interdemo NSW can be the answer to your demolition solution.

Interdemo NSW are at the forefront of controlled demolition, an active demolition company specialising in site demolition, commercial demolition and interior demolition solutions. All demolition Sydney wide.

Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our approach to controlled demolition is to engage with all stakeholders to confirm end result then work towards that goal safely, on time and on budget.

We specialise in detailed demolition including the removal of load bearing structures, penetrations in floor and wall reinforced concrete.

 We work with our clients and their engineers to make sure the scope is not only possible but also workable often in live environments, when noise, dust, vibrations and access constraints need to be considered.

With years of working with Australia’s premier construction companies our OH&S has been constantly evolving within the today’s demolition industry and we are proud that we have had no WorkCover incidents or claims in the last 12 years, evidence that not only our safety procedures are working but our staff take safety seriously.

If controlled demolition, site demolition, commercial demolition or detailed demolition are required demolitions Sydney wide, Interdemo NSW is your demolition solution company.

We have long experience with refurbishment in governmental, commercial or industrial situations.

Interdemo NSW can be your demolition Sydney wide solution.